Ahmad Keshavarz is a consumer law attorney in Brooklyn, focusing on deceptive car sales “lemon law”, identity theft, debt collection violations, debtor defense, credit report errors, and general consumer law.




The Types of Cases We Handle


Debt Collector Violations

Debt collectors can use legitimate means to try to collect on debts you actually owe, but they may have crossed the line if they call family members, yell or curse at you, threaten to have you arrested, or say you have committed fraud.

Has the debt collector inflated the amount of the debt? Called you at work after you told them you cannot receive calls at work? Continue to call you if you told them you will not pay the debt or notified them in writing not to call you?

Identity Theft

Has someone stolen your identity? Did they create fraudulent credit cards in your name?  Are you being hounded by creditors and debt collectors for debts you never created? Has this ruined your credit report?

Deceptive Car Sales

Did the dealer tell you the sale was “a done deal” but later tell you to bring the car back in because “the financing did not go through?”

Did the dealer increase the price on the retail installment contract or roll in fees that they never disclosed?

Did the dealer fail to disclose that the title to the vehicle was branded “not actual miles” or that the vehicle was rebuilt?

Have you purchased a car only to find out later that it was a “lemon?”

Did the dealer tell you the car was never in a wreck, but a mechanic later tells you it was?

Debtor Defense

Have you been sued by a debt collection company? Did they freeze your bank account without serving you a copy of the lawsuit?

General Consumer Law

Did you purchase a good or service that was not as represented? We handle cases for breach of contract, breach of warranties, deceptive trade practices, and general consumer fraud.

You may have rights under the law depending on the specific facts of your case.

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