Debtor Defense in NYC

We represent consumers in who have been sued by debt collectors in NYC.

Have you:

• Had your bank account frozen for a judgment for a lawsuit for which you were never served?

• Been sued by a company you have never heard of before alleging that they own a debt that you may have owed to
a credit card company years ago?

• Been sued for an amount the you believe has been inflated?
• Been sued (or threatened to be sued) for a debt that was discharged in bankruptcy?

If they have done this to you, then you may have rights under the law depending on the specific facts of your case.

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From the Case Files:

Example of debt collection violations for which we have filed suit.

Consumer is never served with a lawsuit. The first time the consumer learns of a lawsuit being filed against them by a debt collector is when their bank account is frozen to collect on a default judgment for a suit in which the consumer was never served.

Consumers are sued for a credit card debt years after the statute of limitations has run.

Debt collector files and maintains a collections lawsuit without any evidence that the consumer owes them the debt.

Debt collector files and maintains a collections against a consumer who is the victim of identity theft.

Debt collector inflates the amount of an alleged debt by rolling in illegal fees.

Debt collector makes misrepresentations as to the amount due.